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May 20, 2019
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Sky Revolutions Trailer Mast Service Offers Time-lapse Video for Developers

As specialists in the ever-evolving world of aerial construction progress photography, Sky Revolutions is always on the lookout for new solutions that will help us to provide a better service for our clients. That’s why we decided to partner with Devisubox, a European market leader in the field of construction camera technology and software. It’s a partnership that has had a big impact on the way we work, and one that has made site management much easier for our customers, in the form of our innovative trailer mast aerial photography.

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What is Trailer Mast Aerial Construction Progress Photography?

Sky Revolutions’ trailer mast time-lapse photography service allows for constant, real-time monitoring of large construction sites and is designed for the needs of developers and site managers. Essentially, it involves installing a Devisubox camera, or several cameras, above your construction site on a semi-permanent basis.

Sky Revolutions transports a trailer to your construction site, wherever it may be, containing all the equipment we need for the installation. We erect a sturdy mast, on top of which is mounted a high-definition camera.This has proved to be an ideal solution for a range of scenarios – for example:


  1. You want to access footage of your development at any time, without waiting for a drone pilot to come to the site and fly a drone into position.
  2. You want to access to images of your development from a particular period of time in the past so that you can check its status at that time or compare that image with current shots.
  3. You want to show stakeholders a time-lapse video, showing all the progress that has been made so far.
  4. You want to fix a camera in position over your development, but there is no building or conveniently located surface to which you can affix a camera.
  5. You want construction progress images of your site at specific intervals, even if the weather prevents drone flight.
  6. You want aerial progress images of a development, but the surrounding environment isn’t safe for drone flight or the situation makes drone flight otherwise inadvisable.
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Sky Revolutions Trailer Mast Time-lapse Photography is available either as a standalone service, or as part of a package that also includes drone photography. We provide our clients with online login information they can use to view live images from the camera at the top of the mast, so you can access the images you need whenever you want, wherever you are.

How it Works

We deliver power to the camera from the ground, so it doesn’t need to be removed and charged every few hours. We also extract the footage remotely, meaning that there’s no need to swap out memory cards. This setup allows for autonomous operation and little to no downtime, giving you a reliable and complete record of your build that is permanently accessible.

This is an ideal solution for developers working with large construction sites because it allows construction managers to monitor various aspects of the build and to have useful data to present to stakeholders at a moment’s notice. It is also possible to export a time-lapse video consisting of all the images shot to date, which can be great for marketing and other promotional activities.

Our current technology allows us to install masts up to 100 feet high, requiring a modest amount of ground clearance. We use a fleet of rugged, off-road vehicles to deliver this equipment to even the most challenging sites, including remote or muddy locations.

Sky Revolutions 85 Foot Trailer Mast for Aerial Construction Progress Photography and Time-Lapse Video

A member of the Sky Revolutions team visits your site once a week for the duration of the build to perform any necessary maintenance tasks and check the installation, ensuring that there’s no interruption to the image feed. Thanks to our robust and self-sustaining system, there is no limit to how long we can leave our cameras installed, so you can monitor your development for as long as you require.

To learn more about our innovative trailer mast service, to discuss your particular development, or if you’re a time-lapse company interested in using our masts, please get in touch with a member of our team and we’d be happy to help: +44 (0) 1778 560 929

Contact Sky Revolutions

Contact Sky Revolutions

To learn more about our innovative trailer mast service or to discuss your particular development, please get in touch with a member of our team and we’d be happy to help: +44 (0) 1778 560 929

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