Night Aerial Construction Photography at Twelve Quays

February 14, 2020
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February 14, 2020 Content Team

A recent aerial construction photography project in association with Farrans at the Twelve Quays development in Birkenhead gave Sky Revolutions an opportunity to show off its night photography capabilities.

The Twelve Quays redevelopment involved the modernisation and expansion of a ferry terminal and business park located between East Float and the River Mersey in Birkenhead, England. The goal was to offer enhanced berthing facilities for larger, more modern vessels. This would, in turn, help to reduce turnaround times and increase capacity by 20%, opening up new import and export opportunities.

Sky Revolutions was tasked with shooting time-lapse video, drone photography, and interactive 360-degree images of the site. Our aerial imagery would provide a record of construction progress, giving stakeholders a comprehensive view of the development at all times. Our expertise in both drone piloting and photography meant that we were able to identify the equipment and lenses that would provide the optimum performance at night, allowing us to monitor the build around the clock.

If you need the UK’s experts on night aerial photography for a construction project, get in touch with Sky Revolutions today.

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